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Seamed White and Black Stockings - Get Go Retro

Seamed White and Black Stockings


Seamed White and Black Stockings by Ella Vine

You'll be sure to get the passion flowing in these sexy seamed stockings with satin top. Excellent quality, sheer and durable. Fits most thigh sizes, with added elastic to prevent from slipping down. No silicone. Sheer 10 denier. 

88% nylon 12% spandex
We offer our customers two options:

  • Traditional Stockings,
  • and Poppy Stockings.

Please choose your option at checkout.

Note: On the option for Poppy Stockings you will want to wear them with one of our Poppy Suspender Belts - meaning the stockings will attach to the suspender belt via poppy fastening (see photos close ups of our poppy fastening). Our innovative poppy fasteners make it easier and quicker to attach stockings to a suspender belt - just clip and go!