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New 1950's tea length style wedding dresses, retro dresses, day wear and swimwear.

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Monroe Inspired Bridal Dress | Get Go Retro


1950s Marilyn Monroe Inspired Halter or Convertible Shoulder Strap Dress Created From the 1956 Original-Made to Order

Here we offer another classically designed day or tea party type dress inspired by photos I found dating from the early 1910's.  The dark blue lace version pictured is made in vintage lace with a complimentary under dress and is intended for more formal occasions. The two other versions pictured were created in lighter, more casual cotton fabrics.  We have made this dress up in a variety of fabrics and colors, it is extremely flattering and versatile on a wide range of body types and still completely suitable and appropriate for the era from which it was inspired - the end of the Victorian and start of the Edwardian.

Marilyn Monroe famously wore a very similar version in pale blue with white polka dots during a photo shoot with Arthur Miller in 1956, our version here has a lace skirt and bodice as opposed to the full multi-tiered one Ms. Monroe sported.

We don't make any of our specialty clothing until you order it, that way we can custom fit it to not only your measurements, but with your custom fabric and trim choices, so be sure to contact us to get specifics. We make everything out of unique fabrics and authentic patterns,  based completely on original clothing, patterns, and photographs from the era of which they are inspired. Each item is custom made to fit after you order it, making it completely unique to you.

And just like everything else we create for you, this item is completely made in America.

  • Made in USA
  • Custom sized items are not returnable.