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Mobius Ribbon - NZ Bone Carved Pendant - Get Go Retro

Mobius Ribbon - NZ Bone Carved Pendant


Mobius or Moebius Ribbon Created by NZ Master Carver 

This is a mathematical phenomenon where the object has only one side and only one boundary component so effectively has no start or end point.

Draw a line along the flat surface and you will end up back at the starting point having drawn a line along every surface, there is no front or back.  As such it is regarded as an eternity symbol.

Traditional decorative styles along with some more contemporary designs. Many are based on Maori legend while some are modern designs inspired by ancient Maori styles with flowing lines, scrolls and soft forms. Some are also based on Celtic or oriental designs.   

40mm Wide  1.6 inches

All carvings are supplied complete with a traditional style cord & bag.  Most cords are hand made from black waxed braid with a loop and bone toggle fitted. A woven flax presentation case and information on the meaning of the design is also included.

This item ships directly from New Zealand.