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Mon Amour Pinup Girl Stretchy Pencil Skirt - Get Go Retro

Mon Amour Pinup Girl Stretchy Pencil Skirt


Mon Amour Pinup Girl Stretchy Pencil Skirt with Lace and Ribbon Rockabilly

"Mon Amour"... that's what leaps into your mind as she crosses your path, the Eiffel Tower romantically looming behind her. She is picturesque with her worn out Hemingway novel and eye glasses clutched in her manicured hand, and a latte in the other.

"Where are you off to, mon amour?" You imagine yourself asking her, as you daydream about taking her hand. But that petite waist, and perfect curve of the hip make you shy away.

She looks too perfect in that skirt, the way the lace and ribbon gently touches her calves like a Saturday morning lover. And a perfect looking woman can go two different ways. She's either dangerous or sensuously sweet. Do you take the risk?

The Mon Amour skirt is made in the USA of buttery soft stretch bengaline, a poly/rayon/spandex blend. Our new waistband technology allows for a vintage look but with an accommodating modern fit that has a little bit of stretch to give every woman the look of hourglass perfection. The cut on our waistband allows for easy tailoring if you need to take a lot or give just a little. Back slit allows for walking ease in a curve hugging tapered hem.

See size chart for perfect fit. This skirt has just over an inch of stretch.

XSmall fits up to: Waist 25-25.5 inches
Hips fit up to 38 inches

Small fits up to: Waist 26-26.5 inches
Hips fit up to 40 inches

Medium fits up to: Waist 28-28.5 inches
Hips fit up to 42 inches

Large fits up to: Waist 30-30.5 inches
Hips fit up to 44 inches

XLarge fits up to: Waist 32-32.5 inches
Hips fit up to 46 inches

2XLarge fits up to: Waist 34-34.5 inches
Hips up to 48 inches

3XLarge fits up to: Waist 36- 37.5 inches
Hips up to 51 inches

Size 20 fits up to: Waist 39- 42 inches
Hips fit up to 55 inches

Size 22 fits up to Waist 44-46 inches
Hips fit up to 58 inches

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