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28 Apr '16

Spot Light on Hanna Wain ~ New Zealands Pinup Girl

Can you "Dig this?"  

Meet Hanna Wain; also known as Dariel Dearlove, who is not only a Pinup Model, but how cool is this; Wain is a weighbridge operator.  Weighing up to 200 trucks a day, and every now and then she's required to operate heavy machinery - namely diggers.  Wain has worked at the Winstone Aggregates flat top quarry in Kaukapakapa, 45 minutes north of Auckland city for nine years. 

Looking like something straight out of a 1950's pin-up, Hanna Wain brings a healthy dose of femininity to her male-only work place: a quarry.  Winged eyeliner and high heels, Wain AKA "Dariel Dearlove" dresses in her vintage get-up every day, even when she has to "man" the digger.  That means trading in the head scarf for a hard hat, the heels for steel capped boots and the petticoat for a high vis-vest.

The vintage-enthusiast can't remember a specific date when she started dressing that way, simply saying: "I've always had an interest in 50's culture."After years of immaculate presentation, the Grace Kelly look-a-like has her morning routine down to a fine art.  Changing it up seems to be something of a speciality for the 29-year-old, who does farming, dress making, horse riding and building in her spare time. 

She wakes up at 4:30 am, spends only 30 minutes on hair, makeup and outfit for a 6am start at the quarry.

"I'm a ninja at winged eyeliner and false eyelashes," Wain jokes.

"I would not set foot outside my door unless perfectly presented."

Wain hand sews all her dresses herself.  Wain hopes others embrace the vintage look too, using her Instagram profile and her website to display her dresses for sale.  Wain won  Miss Vintage Hibiscus Coast; and has plans to enter more beauty contests and pageants.

"As always," she says, "the more flamboyant the better."

Source:   Auckland Now